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Ram Pre-Tupping Testing

Monday, 25 June 2018

Ram Pre-Tupping Testing

Do you trust your clinical skills to detect subtle changes linked to reduced fertility in your rams pre-tupping? Yet, you are certainly aware of the catastrophic consequences of using sub-fertile rams.

Harness Their Full Potential

We can help by carrying out a detailed clinical examination, general and specific for the reproductive tract, and advise on the suitability of males for the upcoming reproductive season. Where necessary, we can collect and examine a semen sample on farm, adding valuable information to the assessment.

Ram Pre-Tupping Testing

We can carry out the clinical exam proficiently in a limited amount of time for each ram, resulting in excellent value for money.

Don’t Be Left Empty-Handed!

Always Check Your Rams Pre-Tupping To Assess Their Potential Reproduction Performance.

We recommend that the initial assessment is carried out approximately two months prior to the start of the mating season, to allow for possible corrective measures to be taken if an animal fails the testing.

Visit our Ram Fertility page for more information.

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